Was about 12 years ago when I was first introduced to yoga and I fell in love instantly. But it was only 4 years ago when I dedicated myself to daily practice and it completely changed my life. Yoga healed my body, opened my mind and heart.

I have been teaching for the past two years and it feels like I have found my purpose. From teaching classes daily in studios in Dubai, I have been lucky enough to teach abroad as guest teacher, in Mexico, Guatemala and on the beautiful beaches of El Salvador. I have participated at various events in Dubai too; classes at Dubai Fitness Challenge, Expo2020, Vegan coffee shop, Beach resort at Palm, etc.

Inspired by my teachers and travels I aim to build creative yoga sequences to have my students renew, refreshed and empowered by the art of yoga. To help them to connect more with their bodies and minds, to heal and to deepen the understanding of yoga practice.